Advance Quality

People are healthier because of the CAP’s commitment to ensure laboratory quality and set high standards to improve patient care. Scientific rigor underpins all Laboratory Quality Solutions programs. Thousands of member experts, including pathologists and laboratory professionals, volunteer their time and expertise so patients can ultimately benefit from external quality assurance and accreditation. The entire laboratory community around the world is better because of the important work CAP members do.

In 2017, more than 20,000 laboratories enrolled in proficiency testing (PT) programs, and the CAP accredited more than 8,000 laboratories worldwide. CAP members are both the designers and participants of these laboratory improvement programs. The Council on Scientific Affairs generated more than 600 appointed positions for pathologists to serve in. The Council on Accreditation assigned more than 2,000 pathologists and laboratory professionals to inspection teams.

More laboratories and health systems are recognizing the value of integrated improvement programs and are choosing to become CAP accredited and to exclusively use CAP PT. No matter where patients are in the world, they can trust their laboratory results to be reliable and accurate because of CAP members’ dedication and expertise.